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msdynamicsworld: New web API for Power Apps Portals: What to expect in Microsoft's first public preview
Источник: https://msdynamicsworld.com/story/ne...public-preview

Developers working with Microsoft Power Apps Portals have been awaiting the upcoming Web API for CRUD operations (create, read, update, and delete). When it arrives, the API will begin to free developers from the older Liquid development language for portals and and allow them to use JavaScript for more flexible and direct interaction with a portal's underlying CDS database.

Nicholas Hayduk of Engineered Code is one of those Portals developers looking forward to the CRUD API. And as a Microsoft MVP, he was granted permission to share preliminary information from the Microsoft product team about what the Portals developer community can expect when the new API reaches public preview.  

Источник: https://msdynamicsworld.com/story/ne...public-preview
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