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Труп в принципе шевелится. Но вменяемый Enterprise уровень такое выбирать не должен, с этим я абсолютно согласен.

В то же время есть такое интересное внедрение в Польше. Партнер Bonair. Есть какой нибудь инсайт?

По сравнению с другими кэйсами это на удивление полнокровное. Да и клиент весовой категории AX2012.

Интересно высказывание "There’s also great interest in exploring what MS Teams could do for productivity.
". Это такое вежливое про тормоза?

To meet these aims, Knapik has led an initiative to shift Selena FM SA to integrated and cloud-based solutions that also did not require significant investment. He and his team, working with trusted local Microsoft implementation partner Bonair, have achieved this with the comprehensive implementation of all Microsoft Dynamics modules across seven Group companies. These include Finance and Control, Production, WMS (High Storage Warehouse), TMS (Transport Management), MD (Basic Data Management), PLM Configurator (Product Lifecycle Management), Sales, mini CRM in the Sales module, AIF (Application Integration Framework), Purchasing, Logistics and HR. Next steps include rollout to local and US subsidiaries, he adds, while delivering cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) to key employees has already been made a priority. There’s also great interest in exploring what MS Teams could do for productivity.

As a result, Knapik confirms, “We have consolidated operational processes in our production and supply chain and unified processes related to finances, personnel and payroll.” Specific benefits include reduced handling times for inter-company orders.

“Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics, we have gained a wide array of useful tools, with great possibilities for further development,” he concludes.