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emeadaxsupport: Retail store "Post as business day" function for end of day posting

There was a change that was implemented around the AX 2012 R2 CU7 release time frame that introduced the concept of posting statement transactions by "Business day". This can be located by going to: Retail >> Common >> Retail channels >> Retail stores >> select your store >> expand the Statement/Closing fast tab >> under Batch options see Post as business day checkbox. The purpose of this function is to support businesses that are open past midnight and want those after midnight transactions to post with the same financial day as the other transactions. Originally, any transactions made past midnight were seen as the next days business and posted with a different date. This causes issues with month/year end closings when transactions for instance that occurred on January 1, 2015 at 2am were part of the December 31, 2014 business day. Thus we introduced the option to post transactions as a "Business day", where AX treats/posts all transactions up to a certain time the next day as part of the same business day.

Let's walk through 3 quick examples on how transactions would post based on this feature not marked versus marked. For the first two examples, let designate that the store opened on March 31 and closed at 2am on April 1. All transactions occurred in that timeframe.

Original posting scenario (not marking the "Post as business day")
When calculating the statement, all transactions for March 31 and April 1 are included. But when posting this statement, two different transaction dates are used: March 31 and April 1 respectively. Thus two different sales orders will be created to compensate for the different dates.

New scenario using the "Post as business day" feature with an End of business day of 2am.
Once again, calculating the statement brings in all of the transactions for March 31 and April 1. Posting this statement will now recognize that all transactions from 2am-2am are part of the same business day and in this instance, will post all transactions with a date of March 31.

"Gotcha" scenario
If you set your End of business day to 5pm and mark the Post as business day, then the AX statement posting code will think that your business day ends at 5pm the next day. If you performed transactions on March 31 between 8am and 5pm, this will incorrectly post all transactions with the previous date of March 30. If your store is not open after midnight, do not use these options.

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