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ax.docentric: Comment on Webinar: Electronic Reporting Basics Through Simple Example by Albin
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Hi Radhika,Check the node type of the data model first. If it will contain several records its type should be Record list. Next check that the binding in the Model mapping designer is bound to the data source which returns a list of records.On the Format part, your Excel template has to contain a named range of cells which has to be mapped to a data model's Record list element, mentioned earlier. Individual named cells within the range should be mapped to the elements within the record list.You can check our other Electronic Reporting webinars where some of these principles are explained in real-world scenarios (e.g. https://ax.docentric.com/webinar-cre...pecs-using-er/)

Источник: https://ax.docentric.com/attend-webi.../#comment-1042
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