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daxdilip: AIF Error creating the Web Proxy specified in the 'system.net/defaultProxy' configuration section.
Источник: http://daxdilip.blogspot.com/2010/12...specified.html

A small tip when you are working on Dynamics AX AIF Services running on VPC

A background - I have a very simple AIF .Net Client App which has been very handy for me to test AIF Services on any environment. This client app consumes the AIF Customer Service to create customer records in AX.


Recently, when I was trying to generate the proxy for one of the AIF Service which was running on a VPC I ran into this error below (Note the client app project was on my host machine and I was opening the VS project via the shared drive)
"Error creating the Web Proxy specified in the 'system.net/defaultProxy' configuration section."


Copied the Visual Studio Client App Project into the VPC, Built it and re-generated the proxy for the service and now it works

Источник: http://daxdilip.blogspot.com/2010/12...specified.html
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