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msdynamicsworld: Power BI Insights: Updating measures; Analytical dataflows; ADLS Gen2

Microsoft Power BI pros share their tips on updating and creating measures without publishing a dataset, leveraging analytical dataflows, and importing data from ADLS Gen2.

Updating and creating measures for Power BI Premium without publishing a dataset

Gilbert Quevalliers, writing on Four Moo, explored how to update or create measures for Power BI Premium users without publishing the entire dataset. He shared an example involving an inaccurate measure. Starting off with an ALM toolkit he deployed granular changes to his PPU dataset. By default, once the system finishes comparing the PBIX file to the dataset it shows all actions.

Quevalliers shifted to using the ALM toolkit for comparison. He wrote:
Once the deployment is complete, I can then see it was successfully deployed. I was then prompted if I want to refresh the comparison. I clicked on No because I know what has been deployed. I could then open my PBIX report (Which is separated from the dataset) and create a report and upload this to the Power BI Service… Finally, I could then create a visual with my new measure…

Using snapshot analysis for Power Apps analytical dataflows

Gil Raviv, writing on DataChant, discussed Power Apps Analytical Dataflows. He recently launched a new app to help users monitor data flows in Power Platform environments, which is connected to ADLS Gen2 Power Apps Analytical Dataflows as a data source. The app issues a snapshot during every refresh spotting any changes.

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