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Small Business Accounting 2006 (SBA 2006) covers all the bases-accounting, payroll, banking, sales- and purchase-order tracking and inventory management. It's suitable for companies with up to 25 employees, so it's good for your smaller customers who are most likely already using Excel and the other Office applications. This alone can help you sell SBA 2006. It has a similar look and feel to Office 2003, which eases the learning curve.


Installing and configuring SBA 2006 is easy — whether your customers opt to do this themselves or you provide installation services. The SBA 2006 Startup Wizard helps install and set up the program. If your customers already have their financial data stored in QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel 2003 or Excel 2002, the wizard can also help them import and convert their files.


Priced at $199.95 (for one user) and $399.95 (for five users) for the Pro edition and $399.95 (for one user) and $1,399.95 (for five users) for the Premier edition, QuickBooks now supports up to five users. Both editions offer a fairly typical array of features and functions that lets users print checks; pay bills; track sales and expenses; create estimates, invoices and reports; track payroll and employee time; integrate with Microsoft Office; download credit-card and bank transactions; track inventory and set reorder points; build inventory assemblies; and create business plans and forecasts.

The Premier Edition has specialized tools for tracking inventory assemblies, creating purchase orders and setting multiple price levels. There is also a business plan builder and a forecasting and budgeting tool.

Peachtree Complete Accounting 2007 ($269.99) and Peachtree Premium Accounting 2007 ($499.99) are comprehensive packages that provide standard accounting, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, inventory, payroll solutions, time, billing and job costing, fixed assets, and analysis and reporting functions.
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