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AX UK: Upcoming Retail Chain Manager for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Training

HI All, just a heads up on some training available from To-Increase on the RCM solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.
Along with content on the product and instruction on working with same in either presales or implementation activities, we also will review some of the new and exciting changes in RCM2009 such as:
  • Support for Role Centers in AX2009
  • Support for new multi-site capabilities in AX2009
  • Complete rebuild of our web based RCM Store functionalities using Sharepoint
  • Enhanced automation for common Retail business process flows
  • New and enhanced Wizards
  • Stock pre-ordering and approvals
  • Support for Home Deliveries
  • and much more!
This training will be held at the To-Increase' office in Copenhagen on January 28th – 30th of 2009 and is part of the standard RCM Certification process for partners.
The agenda is as follows:
DAY 1 – Presales and Implementation Focus
High level overview on RCM2009
RCM concepts and features
Demo workflows
DAY 2 – Implementation Focus
Store related data
POS integrations (RMS)
DAY 3 – Implementation Focus
Supply chain process
Push and pull logistics
Platform concepts
Training Enrollment & Training Rates
For further information on the training, please contact To-Increase on +31 318 531900.
The Partner Training rate of €350,- per person per day applies to each above mentioned training.
Posted By Fee Nolan

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