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TF command line to fix the error: Mapping on the working folder is already in use

Just to document my command line to get rid of this blocking error.

My environment is under Azure DevOps version control and some other user already created a workspace on this computer.

Close Visual Studio (2017 in my case) and open the command line. It can be open via Developer Command Prompt for VS 2017; so you would not need to provide the entire path to tf.exe.

Next, run a tf command to delete the workspace created by the previous user (Name and Surname)

tf workspace /delete DEV365-FO-VM-3;"Name Surname" /collection:

Then stop all locally running D365FO services, like Web Publishing, Batch processing, etc, in order to avoid errors with locked files in your K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory subfolders.

Now you can open Visual Studio, connect to Azure DevOps server, create a new workspace, map your folders for projects and metadata, and get latest.

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