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AX 2009 Technical Journal: The haunt for knowledge

This is a follow up of the post regarding RPC errors.

First step to obtain a basic understanding of how MSRPC works can be found here. Microsoft has implemented their own version of RPC that they call MSRPC. Wikipedia puts the MSRPC implementation into a historical perspective and relates it to the source spesification called Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) from the Open Software Foundation.

I haven't yet found any specific information about how the Client- and Server Stubs are implemented in the Dynamics AX 3-tier architecture, but I'll try to dig a little bit more into this.

In addition to this, Microsoft recently also have published some KB articles on Partnersource that throws some more light on the issue I initially was blogging about. I'll try to find the URL's and update this post with the direct links when I get the time.

Update 2009-02-18:

Valuable links

Technet Magazine (article written by Zubair Alexander)
MSDN (Error Codes 1700 - 3999)
Florian's Weblog

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