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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: Navigating between records in a list: What could be better than next & previous?

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to navigate a list of record on a list you had to open each one separately. Open the record, close the record (or not), go back to the list, repeat. On the way you usually ended up with a bunch of open windows. These days are over! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 now has a more efficient way to do this.

Yes, you now navigate to the next or previous record in a list by using the UP/Down arrows which are located on the upper right of the form. It enables you to navigate any list sequentially up or down without ever having to go back to the list. The best thing about this is, it all happens in the same window!

What if you don’t want to simply go to next or previous record? You still have to go back to the list, right? WRONG! You can now navigate to ANY item on a list even if it is on a different page. The button that’s next to the UP/DOWN Arrow buttons opens a menu that contains the list, from which the record that is currently open came from. To help you know which list that is, the name of the view is displayed in the menu. From the menu you can go to any page of the view and select any record to open. The record will still open in the same window. Navigating a list has never been that easy. You can even go to other pages of the list or copy or send a link from the right-click menu. All this works no matter if the record was open from a home page grid, an associated grid or a sub grid.

These navigation options however are only active when the item originated from a true grid. So, when a record is opened from the Recently Visited Menu or the sitemap menu there is no grid to associate it to. In that case these buttons won’t work and you have to do it the old fashioned way. The same is true when you create a new record.

Unfortunately, when you open a record from Outlook you will notice that these buttons are disabledL. As soon as you open a record from a sub or associated grid they will be enabled again.


Karin Zimprich

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